Our Process

girl playing lego nanny

Below you will find the step by step process we follow to find a nanny that will be the perfect match for your family.

  • Complete the registration form. The more information you provide the better!
  • We will have a quick telephone conversation to confirm your details and arrange a convenient time for a home visit.
  • We will have a face to face meeting. To find a nanny that is a good match we need to get to know your children, their personalities and the individual needs of your family.
  • Suitable candidate profiles will be sent to you for review.
  • Candidate skype interview
  • We then recommend a trial day (or weekend) if possible. This is to see the candidates working style and how they would fit into your family. It is important to recognise that although an employee and hired to do a job, a nanny has both a professional and a personal relationship with you. Therefore, what the nanny inherently brings to your family and the relationship matters.
  • Offer of work and contract signing
  • 1 month trial period. A home visit can be requested during this period to help the nanny settle in, offer advice and to troubleshoot any potential issues.