Find a Nanny : Our Process

How do we find a nanny for you?

Emily Rose Nannies is dedicated to matching families in and around the Paris area with high quality, English speaking childcarers.
We devote time to getting to know you as a family and the personalities of your children before looking at the nanny profiles to find the most suitable match for your family.

The relationship between a nanny and a family is personal as well as professional.

It is important to recognise that although an employee and hired to do a job, a nanny has both a professional and a personal relationship with you.
She works in your home and look safter the most precious thing in your world so therefore, what the nanny inherently brings to your family and the relationship matters.
This is why we take extra time and care in the initial stages of the process to ensure a match of personal values.
We understand the diversity of each family (and of each nanny), the individual qualities that each family may be looking for and we take these into consideration when finding a potential match.

Emily Rose Nannies supports the family throughout the placement process.

We don’t just find a nanny and send you on your way!
We aim to provide a complete service, making the normally stressful process of finding and employing a nanny simple.
You will be provided with support and guidance on how to employ and declare your new employee.

We also offer continued support for the nanny after placement so that she thrives in her new position and has resources available to continue to develop, nourish and cultivate the young minds of the children in her care.

Below you will find the step by step process we follow to find a nanny that will be the perfect match for your family.

  • Complete the registration form or pop over an email to let us know that you are looking for a nanny.
    The more information you can provide about the position the better!
  • We will arrange a convenient time for me (Emily) to give you a ring.
    During this phone call, I will confirm the details in the registration form and ask you more in depth questions. To find a nanny that is a good match I need to get to know your children, their personalities and the individual needs of your family.
  • I will create a family profile based on our conversation. This will be sent to you for confirmation of the details, you are more than welcome to make changes and edit this profile wherever you see fit…maybe you would like to place emphasis on the candidate having experience teaching because the position requires tutoring and exam prep, or maybe you’d like to focus on the nanny being patient because your child is going through the ‘terrible twos’. 
  • I will then use this profile to find a potential nanny. Suitable candidate profiles will be sent to you for review.
    You will receive their CV, references, relevant certificates and a Q&A they filled out to give you a better idea of who they are and their approach. 
  • The next step is for you to conduct a video interview with the candidate.
    If the candidate is already local, a face to face interview is recommended. 
  • We then recommend a trial day (or weekend) if possible. This is to see the candidates working style and how they would fit into your family.
  • Offer of work and contract signing.
    Emily Rose Nannies are able to provide support in drawing up a contract. 
  • 1 month trial period. A home visit can be requested during this period to help the nanny settle in, offer advice and to troubleshoot any potential issues.

We strive to offer our services in a friendly and approachable manner. 

“Emily offered a highly professional service, she matched me with a wonderful, warm Canadian nanny. Everything was well organized, she is always on hand to answer any questions and to give honest feedback and advice. I will continue to use Emily and her agency for my future nannies and will also be recommending her to my friends and family. I find Emily to be very experienced, she understands the children’s needs and will find the best possible match for the children.”
Dubravka, Croatia