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Our nannies are professionals and therefore valuable assets to your family; they have all received qualifications in childcare and development or have years of experience working with children. A nanny is fully invested in your child’s wellbeing and development.
We endeavour to fulfil all of your childcare needs, below are the solutions that we offer.

Full Time Nanny
A full time nanny is a professional, in home childcare provider working 40-50 hours per week.
The job of a full time nanny is to help promote the physical, social, emotional and educational development of the children in their care. They will perform childcare responsibilities according to the family’s wishes and guidelines. Their main priority is to practice English with the children and help them further their knowledge and understanding of the language.

Part Time Nanny
Part time nannies are ideal for if you need some extra help a few days a week but want someone that is more involved than a babysitter.
Typically, part time nannies work all day up to 4 days a week depending on the families needs. The reasons nannies choose to work part time varies, they could be studying, enjoy more free time or even hold several part time positions.
They do not usually live in the family home.

After School Nanny
After School nannies are a popular option as they offer flexibility. They are the best option for if you require a few hours covered but do not need a full time nanny.
An after school nanny will work 3-6 hours per day, picking up the children from school and staying with them until the parents get home from work.

Holiday Nanny
A holiday nanny is characterised as being short term which is 8 weeks or less.
We provide a fully qualified, English speaking nanny to work with your children during the school holidays.
There is no obligation to engage her for the full school year. We can find you a holiday nanny for 1 week over Easter or to travel with you in the Summer!
Please note that it is necessary to provide the nanny with a CDD. Social security contributions are the responsibility of the employer.

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