Pool safety

pool safety alarm bracelet

Today I want to bring up the very important issue that is pool safety.

Summer is here!
A bit of sunshine, family fun time and relaxing by the pool.
What more could you want?
How about an extra layer of protection between your children and the pool?

Of course, going on holiday and having a pool in the back garden is going to provide hours upon hours of fun but it also comes with a huge responsibility of keeping those fearless children of yours safe.

I don’t know why, but in France, I have seen many unfenced swimming pools. And, I agree, it may look prettier but it is a massive safety hazard when you have little ones running around.
I’ve gone on holiday with young children before and when there is an open pool I felt constantly on guard and never able to properly relax.
It is a constant worry that if you close your eyes for 2 seconds or look away for a moment that one of the kids would have decided that was the perfect time to go for a quick dip!

I’ve recently come across this great product that I feel would give you a little peace of mind whilst on holiday.
Of course, this does NOT replace standard pool safety procedures 
– never leave children unaccompanied when there is a swimming pool
– always have on armbands when outside
– make sure that at least one person in the group is designated ‘water watcher’ at all times. If you are in a busy summer house, when everyone is watching..no one is watching.
– children don’t tend to scream and flail when drowning, it is quick qnd quiet. Be vigilant.
– try not to leave toys in the pool area that could entice the kids to get too close

There are several types of pool alarm that are available. Today I want to mention the bracelet alarm.
Children wear the bracelet around their wrist.
If the bracelet gets submerged in water an alarm will sound signalling to adults that the child could be in danger.

With a little bit of googling this one seems to be the highest rated : Safety Turtle 2.0 Child Immersion Pool/Water Alarm Kit
pool safety alarm bracelet

It comes with three distinct parts: a “Turtle” wristband for your child to wear, a base alarm for the house, and a USB cord/wall adapter.
The system is easy to use: secure the Turtle to your child’s wrist, set the base within 200 feet of the pool and plug it in. You’re ready!
One base alarm can support unlimited Turtle wristbands and collar attachments, for additional children and pets.It is considered very reliable, the people at top 10 reviews did some tests and the alarm sounded 100% of the time.
It also works in salt water pools.
The  internal batteries are expected to last between three and five years, depending on how often it’s used. The downside is that these batteries are not replaceable, you need to buy the bracelet again should they run out.
For a full review please click here.