Positions Available

For more information or to apply for a position please send an email to EmilyRoseNannies@gmail.com with the reference number and your CV.
Please read our requirements before applying.

Part Time Nanny – 75014

We are recruiting a fun loving, responsible, english mother tongue nanny for an 8 year old boy.
The family would like the nanny to take their son to various activities and expos around the city in order to improve his vocabulary and conversational English.
This position is best suited to a student or teacher looking to boost their salary.

Location: Montparnasse 75014
Start date: ASAP
Salary: 14€ net  per hour
Hours: 10 pw
Schedule:  Flexible finish time depending on the activity you will do together
Mon : 16h – 18h   Tue : 15h15 – 17h    Wed : 15h30 – 18h
The family would then like the nanny to spend some time with their son (approx 3hours) either on Friday, Saturday or Sunday. Time and day is flexible.
Languages: English mother tongue. French not necessary.
Experience: Essential
Sole charge: Yes

Reference : PX14A

Full Time Nanny – 75005

We are recruiting a friendly, active nanny to care for a sociable little 3 year old.
The nanny should create an afternoon schedule that provides stability and routine. This should include going to the park, playing stimulating games and doing age appropriate activities plus cooking nutritious dinners for him, reading and the bedtime routine.

Location: Paris 5eme
Start date: ASAP for minimum 2 years
Salary: To be discussed
Hours: 30 – 40 per week
Schedule:  Mon : 14h30 to 20h   Tue : 15h30 to 20h   Wed : 12h30 to 21h45    Thur : 14h30 to 20h   Fri : 14h30 to 20h
Ideally the family would like the nanny to be available for mornings 6.45 to 8.45 on Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday.
Languages: English mother tongue. French not required.
Experience: 3 years with children aged 3-6 , knowledge of the Montessori method a bonus but not required
Sole charge: Yes
Accommodation:  Fully refurbished Chambre de Bonne avaialble if required by the candidate
Benefits:  7 weeks holiday per year

Reference : FX05A

Part Time Nanny – 75016

We are recruiting a nanny experienced in newborn and baby care for a 2 month old baby boy.
She should be comfortable in keeping the daily routine and be knowledgable about infant requirements and development.

Location: Paris 16eme
Start date: Mid April 2020
Salary: 15 euros net per hour
Hours: 18 pw
Schedule:  Wednesday 8am – 3pm, Friday 8am – 3pm, Saturday 12pm – 4pm
Languages: English, French not necessary
Experience: Newborn / baby experience essential
Requirements : Must be First Aid Trained
Sole charge: Yes
Accommodation:  Not provided

Reference : PX16A

After School Nanny – 75007 (Position Filled)

We are recruiting a playful and active nanny to care for 2 American children aged 4 and 6.
The family would like someone educated and interesting that can pique the girl’s curiosity about different topics.

Location: Paris 7eme
Start date: ASAP
Salary: Competitive
Hours: 20 pw
Schedule:  Mon – Fri : 15h30 – 19h30
The family have expressed their interest in the nanny taking the girls to the park to meet friends and play, to the library, to a museum, to expos etc. Anything and everything that is age appropriate and fun for the girls!
Languages: English mother tongue, French is a bonus
Experience: 3 years +
Requirements : Must be comfortable on the metro system.
Sole charge: Yes
Accommodation:  Not provided
Benefits:  8 weeks holiday

Reference : AS07A

Full Time Nanny – 75016 (Position Filled)

We are recruiting a joyful, compassionate and organised nanny to care for 3 children aged 3, 6 and 8.
The nanny should have experience managing a busy schedule and she should be proactive.

Location: Paris 16eme
Start date: ASAP
Salary: 14€ net  per hour
Hours: 55 pw
Schedule:  Mon – Fri : 7h45 – 19h
All 3 children are at school from 8h25 – 11h45 so the nanny will have several hours of free time during the day.
The family ask that the nanny prepares lunch in advance and does some light household duties during this time. They employ a cleaner so nothing too strenuous is involved.
The youngest child stays home in the afternoon. The nanny is responsible for providing fun, stimulating activities to do with her.
The elder children finish school at 16h30.
Languages: English mother tongue, French – conversational level in order to interact with teachers etc
Experience: Essential preferable in a household with multiple children
Requirements : Must be First Aid Trained
Sole charge: Yes
Accommodation:  Not provided
Benefits:  5 weeks paid leave

Reference : FX16A