A Professional Nanny

At Emily Rose Nannies we only recruit trained and experienced nannies.

So, what exactly is the difference between a professional nanny and a regular babysitter?
A qualified, professional nanny is someone who has received a diploma or certificate in childcare after completing 1-4 years of study.
Therefore, all of our candidates hold a qualification in childcare and / or have demonstrated the equivalent through their work experience.
We only recommend candidates that have a minimum of 3 years of childcare experience. This experience could be at a school as a teacher, in a créche, as a children’s group animator or as an in-home child carer.

We have strict requirements candidates must meet before being represented by our agency as a professional nanny.

Candidates are interviewed with careful attention being paid to their skills, experience, professionalism and reliability.
We also look out for a positive attitude and emotional maturity.

Candidates are asked to complete a personal profile that will be made available to potential families.
This profile includes an up to date CV detailing their experience, references, copies of their certificates and a Q&A so that you can get to know their history and personality a little better.
The Q&A is designed to give parents an insight into the candidate’s style and values, it also asks them the reasons why they believe they would make a brilliant professional nanny in Paris.

Before recruiting a nanny and sending you their profile, we check

  • The identity of each candidate against their passport or drivers licence.
  • The reasons for any gaps in employment history
  • Their certificate or diploma to be classed as a professional nanny
  • Their Criminal Reference Check
  • Child care related references

Duties of a professional nanny

The duties of your nanny should be solely childcare, this means they should not perform any housekeeping or cleaning duties that are not related to the children.
When speaking to a potential nanny, you need to clearly describe the role and all of your expectations. If the role and her tasks are likely to evolve, let her know.
Honestly, you can’t be too thorough. It is best that everybody is clear on what is to be expected.

With this in mind, a nanny’s duties can include, but not be limited to :

  • Physical care of the children. The nanny should be ensuring the children’s safety at all times.
  • Creating a diverse, stimulating daily schedule that engages the children in activities to promote healthy mental, physical and emotional development.
  • Educational activities and games (to aid in learning a second language for example)
  • Taking the children on age appropriate outings. We offer many ideas for outings on our blog
  • Organising social activities such as play dates.
  • Keeping on top of the current schedule. This involves making sure that the children are on time to extracurricular activities and appointments etc. It also means ensuring that the evening bath and dinner routine runs smoothly until mum and dad arrive home. 
  • Communicating with parents about all aspects of their time spent with the children.
  • Keeping track of, and informing parents of, the children’s development and progress
  • Help with homework and offering extra curricular support 
  • Preparation of well balanced meals
  • Cleaning and tidying the children’s bedroom/playroom
  • Washing and ironing of children’s clothes
  • Caring for the children when they are sick. This includes taking them to doctor appointments if needed and relaying all information to the parents.
  • Preparation for holidays, weekends away etc. (packing)
  • Travelling with the family (if pre-agreed)

Read about the process Emily Rose Nannies follows to find you the perfect, professional nanny.

“We met Jade through the Emily Rose Agency and she is everything we wanted! She is a British national (we wanted an English speaking nanny) and received her certification through a French CAP Petite Enfance, which is exactly what we were looking for. Jade is joyful, punctual, enthusiastic and caring. She’s been taking care of our 2yo son for about a month now and we are really pleased that she joined our family.”

– Chloe, Paris