Reindeer Pancakes

Reindeer Pancakes

Reindeer Pancakes

What a fun, festive breakfast idea for the little ones in your life. Reindeer pancakes make a delicious treat!

I found this adorable little guy from @whatiateforbreakfast on good old Instagram.
Don’t worry it is super simple to recreate and you can involve the children in every step of the recipe.

To make the world’s easiest, healthy pancakes all you need is to mix an egg with a mashed banana and fry it in a non-stick pan for a few minutes on each side. Voila!

To turn it into Reindeer Pancakes simply spread Nutella for a sweet treat, add bacon for antlers, blueberries for eyes and of course no reindeer would be complete without a red nose. Pick your favourite red berry to complete the design.

I like that this can be quite versatile to suit your tastes. Not a Nutella fan? Switch out the spread for peanut butter or almond butter. Don’t eat bacon? Use pretzels for antlers instead! There’s too much fruit for you? Use chocolate chips for eyes 😉

Play around with it. Have fun. Get the children excited about their snack.
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What’s your favourite, easy to make, festive treat?

reindeer pancakes