Toutankhamon : Awesome Egyptians

toutankhamon expo paris

What kid doesn’t love to hear about Ancient Egypt?
It’s a subject that fascinates children (and adults) of all ages.

From now until September, Toutankhamon and his treasure is in Paris giving us the opportunity to discover the history and life of the most famous Pharaoh.

On November 4, 1922, British archaeologist Howard Carter made an extraordinary discovery in the Valley of the Kings. He uncovered the tomb of Toutankhamon, Pharaoh of the XVIII Egyptian Dynasty in the 14th century BC.

This immersive exhibition celebrates the discovery of Toutankhamon and his royal tomb by bringing together 150 objects that were unearthed. 50 of these are traveling for the first and last  time outside of Egypt.

Tickets are selling out FAST as after this tour all the treasure will return to a museum in Egypt to become a permanent collection.
Get yourself on the site and book ASAP for your chance to visit this amazing expo.

Prepare for your visit by reading (from my personal favourite kids series)
Horrible Histories by Terry Deary
‘Awful Egyptians’ and/or ‘Awesome Egyptians’

Horrible Histories Book Awful Egyptians Terry Deary Horrible Histories Book Awesome Egyptians Terry Deary

These illustrated history books aim to get kids interested in history by focusing on the gory and unusual facts. They have been a hit for over 20 years! (Recommended to children aged 8+)
If you haven’t read them yet, you can get your hands on a box set from amazon.

Let me know what you think! Also check out the other books on our recommended reading list.

toutankhamon expo paris