Virtual Room – Virtual Reality Escape Game

It’s the end of school and the holidays are here!
Anyone else feel as though this year has just flown by?

Who else loves an escape game?

This post is for those of you with older children, aged 10+
It can be difficult to find things that get them enthusiastic so today I have an activity for you that will get the kids buzzing with excitement (and keep them out of this scorching sun for a while).

virtual room escape game

The Virtual Room is the first of its kind in Paris. It is an escape game in a virtual reality, a unique virtual reality experience.

I couldn’t recommend this enough if you have older children (10 +)

Each team member (possibility of 2-4 members in each team) has a Virtual Reality headset which will transport you into a whole new world.
Walk on the moon and then return to the age of the dinosaurs!
In the game you assume the form of a robot. You can see and communicate with your other team mates in the virtual world as you have a built in microphone.
You must work together to solve the clues and move on to the next levels.

virtual room escape game

Check out this video trailer of Chapter 1 – Time Travel.

This escape game is the absolute coolest. I did the first round with my partner and we had a blast. We loved that you had to interact with each other in the game by throwing objects to each other in order to complete each level and save the world!
We went back a few weeks ago as a team of 4 to do Chapter 2 and had just as much, if not more, fun!

Find out more and reserve directly on their website 

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virtual room escape game