Why Us?

english nanny paris childcare You would like to become a nanny in Paris, but why choose to register with Emily Rose Nannies? What makes our agency your best option?

The founder (Emily) has been in your shoes, she spent over 8 years traveling various European countries as an anglophone child carer. Therefore, she understands your point of view, your worries and concerns and also your desire to balance work with getting the most out of the experience as possible.

Emily knows the importance of finding a good match for both the family and the childcarer so that a well functioning, happy relationship develops.

She invests time in getting to know your personality, your qualities and your style of teaching. This personalised service allows her to make an informed decision about which families would be best to present to you.

We won’t pressure you to take a position if you feel it is not the right fit just for the sake of a quick placement. At Emily Rose Nannies we aim to forge long lasting relationships between a nanny and family, we do not prioritise profit over your happiness.

Emily Rose Nannies offers ongoing support after you sign a contract with a family. This means we will stay in touch and ensure you are settling in well, we will help you with all aspects of life in Paris, not just finding work.

We also offer regular correspondence with various activity ideas to do with the kids.